Game Hub Denmark




The Game Hub Denmark headquarter is located in the center of Grenaa.

You can rent an office space in our main building and use our many different services, which you can read about here.

In Grenaa we have a close cooperation with the different local educational institutions who all focuses on game development, as well as GameBusiness who facilitates different activities for the companies.



At our location at Ideas Lab in Aarhus you can rent an office space, and still get all the benefits of the Game Hub Denmark Incubator as well as the facilities offered by Ideas Lab. 

Once a week our Business Developer Allan Kirkeby visits and consults the companies. 

You will also be able to follow our Academy Profession Programme online.



Our pre-cubator is located at Dania Games in Grenaa, and consists of student driven companies .

We offer office space, legal advice and consultations for local students wanting to start their own company while studying at one of our educational institutions. 

If you want to know more about our pre-cubator, please contact us.