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The Danish games industry's first virtual reality lab comes to Grenaa


On Monday, Business Academy Dania in Grenaa becomes official partners with the computer game company Crytek. This means that Denmark's first Virtual Reality Lab will be located in Grenaa for the benefit of the students, Grenaa and games industry in Denmark

The company Crytek is behind one of the biggest engines in game development, CRYENGINE, and their software solutions are used by large and small game companies worldwide. They have become partners with Business Academy Dania in Grenaa in order to be able to offer students access to the gaming industry's first permanent virtual reality lab with software and hardware equipment supplied by Crytek.

In the lab, the students will be able to work with game development and experiment with virtual reality (VR). At the same time they will have the opportunity to work with other developers around the world in a global knowledge network. Besides the lab Crytek's own engine CRYENGINE will be taught in the Computer Science- and Multimedia Design program.

Students have access to the latest technology

In connection with the partnership, assistant professor and program coordinator at the AP Computer Science program, Palle Ehmsen, has been appointed as VR First Coordinator. With the title he is responsible for building the new VR lab and regular contact with Crytek.

"The collaboration with Crytek allows us to shape our future students, so they gain experience with the latest technology on the market - and the opportunity to play with technologies that are not yet available. The students get a great head start - also in relation to using Crytek's engine, "says Palle Ehmsen and continues:

"This partnership makes us a leader in both virtual reality research and game development. We are very interested in new knowledge and cooperation with the industry, and it is therefore very interesting to work with a company like Crytek. "

For the benefit of the entire gaming industry

Education Coordinator Palle Ehmsen does not only see working with Crytek as a benefit for the students, but for the gaming industry as a whole.
"The dream is that we can help to create workers who can use virtual reality and CRYENGINE - something that will benefit the entire Danish games industry," he explains.
VR lab will be accessible to all - both local students in Grenaa, foreign guests and the companies that are part of the local entrepreneurial environment, Game Hub Denmark Incubation.

A big plus for businesses

Camp Fire Games, which is one of the entrepreneurs at Game Hub Denmark, sees great opportunities in the future cooperation. The company is engaged in the development of the game "War of Rights," which is produced in CRYENGINE, and the company is part of the Crytek Indie Development Fund.

"It's super cool that this is happening at Dania in Grenaa. We are looking for interns who can work in CRYENGINE so it's a big plus for us that there are students locally in Grenaa who can do that, " says Emil Alexander Hansen, CEO of Camp Fire Games.
He also points out that it is not only his own business, which will benefit from the cooperation. "It’s important for all businesses in Game Hub Denmark, who would benefit from using CRYENGINE and VR First. This means that they will have many more options in relation to game development, and that they can be inspired and motivated to work on larger projects than they can today. "

For more information about the partnership, contact VR First Coordinator Palle Ehmsen, mail:

Marie Haagensen