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3 guys from Viden Djurs publishing their first game



Anders Wagner, Mathias Nielsen and Joshua Dacruz, from left to right.

Anders Wagner, Mathias Nielsen and Joshua Dacruz, from left to right.

Three young talents, currently studying at Viden Djurs in Grenaa, have published their very own game on Google Play. Anders Wagner, Mathias Nielsen and Joshua Dacruz (as seen in picture) is behind the game Shape and their company Typical Interactive.

They have spent a good amount of their free time developing the game while being mentored by Nikolaj Jacobsen Løth, who works as Lecturer at Viden Djurs.

"We talk on a regular basis about what they do from time to time. Setting milestones so that they reach their goals", says Nikolaj Jacobsen Løth.


An original idea

The game is a so-called "one-button" game, meaning that it is only controlled by a single finger. You control a shape with a certain color and with it, picking up shapes that are alike that falls from the top of the screen.

"I had the idea and I haven't seen it done before. That's how it all began," says Anders Parsberg Wagner.

It's a social game, where the high score is the goal. It's all about getting as many points as possible.

"These are some incredible skillful guys, that have created this beautiful game," Nikolaj Jacobsen Løth tells.

The game can be downloaded for free at Google Play. 50 people already has. The guys expect that the game will be downloadable in the Appstore too by the end of this month.


The young people needs to get closer to reality

There's a certain reason behind the young starting to develop and publishing their own games.

"We want to have a short distance between thought and action. They need to get out and get closer to reality and learn from it," says Nikolaj Jacobsen Løth.

And the possibility to spare with a mentor and other young game-enthusiasts is a fantastic idea, if you ask the young developers.

"We have ping-ponged between each other, if we, for example, talk about code, that just doesn't work," tells Anders Parsberg Wagner.


Grenaa is a Game Mekka

For many year, Grenaa have bet on Game Development, innovation and young people and you can feel it now.

The young gradually have more and more options when it comes to walking down the road of game development. After HHX or HTX at Viden Djurs there is the posibility to study at Dania Games.

"We want to make Grenaa the best place to create games in Denmark. And we might just be already," says Nikolaj Jabocsen Løth.

Marie Haagensen