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Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0

The sequel to Game Hub Scandinavia gathers power to establish itself in the global gaming market. This is achieved through better educated workforce, more start-up gaming companies, investment attractiveness and concrete market shares in China and India.

The project notes that in two previous Interreg projects, they have contributed to creating close to 100 new companies and 400 workplaces in the program area. Now the partners are building on a 2.0 project.

Growth in the gaming industry is to be supported through trained labor and entrepreneurship.

More gaming companies are needed for Scandinavia to become a global player in the field. An accelerator model should therefore be developed to increase the production speed of a company.

External investment needs to increase. Financing models that are tailored to the needs of the industry also need to be developed, as all game developers' costs and labor needs are at an early stage.

Relationships in India and China were created during the previous project, something that the 2.0 project wants to continue to work on.

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