Game Hub Denmark




The Game Hub Denmark ecosystem stretches over three cities on the peninsula of Jutland and covers a variety of game related educations at different levels, game incubators and game innovation activities such as participation in international development projects aiming at improving conditions for game entrepreneurs in Denmark and beyond.


In Grenaa, future game developers are given the opportunity to study game development immediately after primary school graduation at Game College where they enroll in a 3-year program at upper secondary level, specializing in either Game Tech, Game Art or ESport. As part of the program, they have the possibility to develop their own games and bring them to the market through the college’s BizHub. More than 400 students from all over Denmark are currently enrolled at the college.

Young people looking to specialize in more practical, graphical skills have the opportunity to do so at 3D College Denmark, where they work with 3D animations for games as well as VFX graphics.

A number of these, as well as students with other backgrounds from all over Denmark, continue their education as game developers at Dania Games that offers two educations at higher level in Grenaa – specializing in Computer Science and Game Design, respectively. Students enrolled in one of these programs are encouraged to start their own production of games and their own game studio prior to graduating – and are trained in project management, team work and how to apply theory into practice throughout the 2-2,5 years they study at Dania Games. This entrepreneurial approach inspires a number of graduates to apply for an office in the Game Hub Denmark headquarter’s Incubator after graduation.


Aalborg, the biggest city in Northern Denmark has a long tradition for educating game developers at the University of Aalborg’s Medialogy studies – e.g. the founders of promising game studios such as Bedtime Digital Games and Tunnel Vision Games graduated from here. Students wishing to pursue a career as entrepreneurs are offered office space and advice at the Aalborg University Game Hub, and when sustainable proceed to Game Hub Denmark’s facilities in the GrowAAL house for entrepreneurs.


The Animation Workshop, regarded as one the best animations schools in the world, is the center of game education as well as game incubation in Viborg. Students and graduates wanting to start their own game studio are offered office space and mentoring at the Roof Creative Industries Incubator.



Through international collaboration in typically EU-funded development projects, Game Hub Denmark always strive to develop our local ecosystem, to expand our international network, and to work with the best game educations and incubators in order to reach our ultimate goal of creating new jobs and sustainable companies in the game sector. We have partners all over Europe – and also have a strong interest in building long-lasting relations with our contacts in China, the biggest game market in the world.

Our award winning Projects Department are very experienced in leading large EU projects – such as Scandinavian Game Developers (winner of the EU Regional Stars Award, 2015) and Game Hub Scandinavia (winner of the StartUp Europe Awards 2016).


We are currently core partners in the Baltic Game Industry project where we collaborate with game educations, business organisations and public authorities from all over the Baltic Sea region, and in the Game Hub Scandinavia 2.0 project where we build further on our collaboration with Sweden’s best game educations and game incubator.