Game Hub Denmark





We teach, develop and support computer game startups, with the purpose of helping the founders to build sustainable and successful game companies. We do this by providing support and resources to startups who join Game Hub Denmark, and by building a national and international network with the game industry.

We exist for the benefit of all our startup companies, and in all matters we strive to further their goals for becoming successful.

We believe that incubation must meet startup- and company-founders at eye-level. If this is your first startup company, we provide solid support to understand how to run a business, develop games as products, and to stay motivated even when things get tough. If you are a more experienced game developer, we offer production, management and strategic level guidance.

Game Hub Denmark is a non-profit organization, and with no investment or ownership of the games or companies we support, we will work directly with publishers, investors or other partners to generate growth and business on behalf of the companies we support.



Game Hub Denmark has developed a model for incubation of computer game startups. We have divided our model into three phases: 1) Student startups, 2) Incubation, 3) Growth companies.

In the Student Startup phase we collaborate closely with the educational institutions, to guide and encourage interested students to start game companies. At each of our locations, we have established programs that match the scheduled courses, and will allow students to build and develop their company and initial products. Most of our student startups set up their office at one of our physical incubator locations and begins dedicated work to develop their game(s).

Continuing into the Incubation phase - we work consistently with each company, by providing sparring on business matters as well as creative, technical and social/ team development. Our team of advisors follow, support and monitor each company closely, and helps each team to identify key strengths and weaknesses, and to act in a timely manner towards threats, business opportunities, production challenges, and general company operation.

We also provide companies - across all three phases -  with a broad range of opportunities and options through our network and partners. We facilitate matchmaking with potential partner studios or employees, and thus provide teams with access to skills and resources to boost their productions. We provide access to lectures and Danish industry events. We provide the opportunity to attend global game industry conferences, with access to investors, publishers and business partners.

We have established a network of external consultants to call upon when companies need specific services (for example lawyers, banks and accountants).

In all of the above – we work directly and personally with each team, to make sure they learn and evolve in the direction they wish to go in, and to help them build a successful games company.



As a startup game company joining Game Hub Denmark, you become part of Denmark's best and most ambitious support program for startup companies in the games industry. We have locations in the cities of Aalborg, Grenå and Viborg.
We have tailored the details of our program to match the conditions available to startups in each city. At the bottom of the page are links to descriptions of what we offer in a specific city.


  • Work desk or office space at favorable prices (in some cases free for students)

  • Included with office: Desk/ table, Internet, Printe, Coffee, Meeting rooms (whiteboards, big screen), Kitchen (shared)

  • Sharing office space with other game industry startups and professionals, and benefitting from the derived networking, events and opportunities.


  • Mentoring from experienced game industry leaders, to help you build a successful game company.

  • Academy Profession Program ("Akademiuddannelse i Innovation, Produkt og Produktion") with certifications.

  • International game conferences. Promote and pitch your games.

  • Creative and technical sparring from game industry professionals.

  • Legal and financial consulting from our external lawyers and accountants (Basic consulting is free. Larger projects at favorable prices).

  • Workshops and lectures by external speakers from the game industry.

  • Access to the facilities of the nearby schools and educational institutions (read specifics available at each location linked below).

  • Social events and fun (game jams, Friday beers, e-sports competitions, and overall a place where everyone is into games!)



Game Hub Denmark is located in several Danish cities, including Aalborg, Grenaa & Viborg.

Click this link to get the contact details, addresses and details of the specific services offered at each location.