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The magic of pixel art


Gift of Parthax is the first game by Foldergeist Studios. The idea was initially spawned while the team attended Dania Academy, and after graduation they started the company for the purpose of developing the full game and finding a publisher. Working closely with Game Hub Denmark the team found a way forward, and in the first part of 2018 succeeded with landing a deal with publisher 1C.

“The experienced business advisors at Game Hub Denmark helped us understand how to run a company. Game Hub also helped us getting exposed to business contacts and partners. It was at a Game Hub sponsored trip to a conference where we met our current publisher.”
 - Anders Ljungquist, CEO at Foldergeist Studios

Gift of Parthax is a 2D top-down arena fighter with a gothic pixel-art visual style. You play as the mage Arif on a quest to save his friend from the clutches Parthax.

The game slated for release on Steam in Q3 2018. Find the game in Steam here!

Marie Haagensen