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Dragons unleash the dumb wizards


Dumb as Wizards is out in Early Access on Steam!! Get it here and play it now!


Random Dragon Games is the team behind the craziness of Dumb as Wizards. They are passionate about succeeding in the games industry. They have worked closely with the artists from Moped Games in Viborg on two projects now, with Dumb as Wizards being their IP. Further more they collaborate closely with several teams at the Ideas Lab offices in Aarhus city.

“Being a part of Game Hub denmark has meant that our dream of becoming independent game developers is possible. The mentorship and guidance has helped us steer clear of the worst pitfalls that could have sunk us before achieving our potential. The incubation program has helped us become entrepreneurs with a vision, means, and skills to succeed. Having moved to Ideas Lab Aarhus, we are growing our network, clientbase and partnerships both nationally and internationally.”
 - Jacob L. B. Kjeldsen, CEO at Random Dragon Games.

Marie Haagensen