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Valhalla Olympics is developed by Chop Chop Games at Ideas Lab in Aarhus. The game is a social party game, where players can use their mobile phones as game controllers.

The team at Chop Chop has designed Valhalla Olympics to be fun and intuitive. Players can "blow" into their phones microphone to shoot a blowpipe, or use the phone as a steering wheel to steer a boat on a river.

“The advisors are a very valuable resource. Maria (at Ideas Lab) is great at encouraging and facilitating the things a startup really needs in the early days. Allan (at GHD Grenaa) tells you what he thinks of your project without sugarcoating it. He brings decades of experience in the game industry, which for you translates into hours and hours of feedback and advice which will help bringing your project to the next level.“
 - Dario Rahimic, Chop Chop Games

Valhalla Olympics is currently in production by the development team.

Marie Haagensen